Community Updates

Updates on new features, content and policy changes

Now you can live chat on any channel!
  • + As a channel owner, you have one more way to discuss the topics that matters to you, and engage with your audience. With channels you were already a publisher/editor and curator of media, with notifications you started enaging with your audience . Now with chats you can start the conversation and get deeper into the things that matter tp you. Debate different points of view, organize events, spend time talking with peole who shares your same interests and more. Get the news, promote your brand, find what you're looking for!
  • + As a user you can now interact directly with people who shares your interests. Finding news and media that are interesting to us is one thing, enagaging with people with similar interests open a whole new level. Now you can follow your favorite channels, get the news and talk about all your favorite topics all in one place. Stop searching and let the search come to you!

Get the google Chrome extension for upvotenation and share content with our community from anywhere on the web.
  • + No more cut and paste. Share great content from around the web directly from the media source. The chrome extension stays on your chrome browser sidebar, so every time you find new content that you want to share with our community, just click the UpVoteNation logo on your browser, review the content and post. A simple and effective way to share and earn points.
  • + Share all types of media with the UpVoteNation chrome extension. Watching a great video on YouTube or Vimeo? Just click share directly on the video's page. Found important news while navigating your favorite news site, or a great picture you wan to share? Share it directly from the source and come back later to UpVoteNation to see your content trending and your points shooting up!

Channels App is here! Create your channels and become your own media publisher and editor!
  • + Don't waste time searching. Create your own interactive channels and get what you need fast. Channels let you take advantage of the ratings app to filter the news and media you want from the sources you trust .
  • + Become a media editor and publisher, and use your channels to interact with other members. Because you set the criteria of what content is included on your channel, each channel is unique. Once created you can share your channels with anyone, it can be saved, bookmarked and will be automatically refreshed with new content every time media meeting your criteria is published on UpVoteNation.
  • + Create your online Brand by building great channels and raking up subscribers. Besides the ability to share your channels with anyone, members can also subscribe directly to your channel, creating another way for you to interact with your audience.
  • + Subscribe to other channels and get up to speed on what's going on aroud the web. Are you already following another user that published great content on a particular subject? subscribe to his or her channel(s) and get high level relevant content with one click. You can create and subscribe to as many channels as you'd like.

Notications app is out. Now you have the ability to push quick notifications to your followers and visitors of your public profile page, and channels (comming soon)
  • + Yet another way for you to get connected to your audience! Send real time updates to your audience and have it displayed in your public profile, your channels (comming soon) and directly to your followers "my feeds" page.
  • + Updates are live for 24 hours after you posted it. If you need more time just repost your update. It will restart your clock with every repost. If you need something more permanent you can always post it into your bio!

New ratings feature launched. Get more out of your news! The ratings app will be key to put you in control of your media.
  • + Rate the news and filter the information that matters to you. Create your own unique channels (comming soon) with the topics that you are interested in and only from news sources or blogger you have rate above your prefered threshold (i.e. 8 out of 10).
  • + Have a voice and express your opinions directly to the media outlet and bloggers. The plan is to give the media outlets and bloggers access to data and statistics on their content so they can better understand the community's opinion of their content and be able to react accordingly. Let's flip things around. Don't let the media control us, let's take back control over the media!