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Reasons To Invest In Verge Cryptocurrency.

![enter image description here][1] The crypto world is filled with many types of currencies these days.As many investors and traders have had a great loss in investment, many were searching to purchase any coin. Verge (XVG) coin was believed to be quite sensible at the time, with great potential in front of it. Though it appeared as an open-source project it didn’t hold an ICO. The native token of Verge is XVG. **What happened to the Verge(XVG) coin?** Earlier in April 2018, Verge(XVG) announced a puzzling partnership that was expected to bring the coin to a new peak. As we now know, the partnership was with the adult entertainment website, Pornhub. However, it would appear that the XVG Pornhub partnership was not enough to save the Verge from sinking. **Will Verge make a comeback?** Verge is slowly gearing itself for a price recovery as the sentiment in the market has been slightly changing. The holds are still around, and there are continual price differences. [XVG Price Prediction][2] can be known by the facts predicted by experts. Over the past five days the price variations for XVG coin were in the range of $0.0047 – $0.0056. **Conclusion** XVG coin could set itself for another uptrend by the year-end. Long-term investors can wait to change and hold their investments as Verge is expected to come up with some promise which could carry in the long run. Short-term investors may not achieve much in the current volatility. Investment can be done right now, but you need to wait for some time to get profit, as Verge definitely will maintain its position back. [1]: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/6sIAnPFUzgU/maxresdefault.jpg [2]: https://coinpedia.org/price-prediction/xvg-verge-price-prediction/

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