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Published on: Nov. 1, 2018, 5:06 p.m.

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Hello November!

Blog every day in November is going to be extra challenging this year since I've fallen down to once a week on my WordPress site recently...  I occasionally reflect on the fashion of webpages/blog/online journals that have come and gone and feel like they are maybe coming back again.  When I googled to see if there was an 'official' blog a day site I found this new place and figured, why not. Today you join me on the day I celebrate the lives of the people who have left this earthly coil.  A little All Saints day, a little Dia de Muerta, a little bit all my own.  The point is to remember the people and teach our kids about those they never met or those that died when they were young.  Sure, as a memory comes up in the year I share it with the kids but this is the day we make it a point to go through the book. I started a physical photo album with actual printed out pictures as a tangible thing for the kids (and myself) to look at. It is also a good spot for mass cards and programs that I just can't see throwing out but also don't exactly know what to do. About 10 years ago I cleaned out all the odd piles and put it all into a single book.* Speaking of the book.  I was worried I would not find it in time... We moved to a new house in late August. Last week was the push to get the book shelving up and over the past few days, I worked on clearing all the 'house stuff' boxes that were hanging out in the room.  Today I went and got the top 5 boxes in the 'book' pile in the garage and it is luck or fate but the 3rd box opened had my album for today.  I added my grandmother, the first addition in years, and now I'm thinking about what to get to celebrate her.  I usually try and bring in a special food for the person to share with the kids.  My Grandmother though was on a perpetual diet most of my life with her, with a memorable highlight of a liquid shake diet that looked (and smelled) like chocolate cement.  She uniquely liked to eat maza bread but I know that isn't exactly something she enjoyed for the taste, and, isn't really available in our area.  When I lived with her in Malta she cooked a bunch of things that blur together in my memory except for when they were super spicy.  My grandmother was absolutely not a baker (to me at least)...  When I give it real thought most of what I remember is that she enjoyed what was put in front of her and my grandfather making her toast and tea so to honor them both I think that toast and tea might be what we do today.   I'm excited about the challenge this month, good timing since it will be a crazy and fun month to document.  The election next Tuesday, a giant group of house guests coming mid-month and our first official party at the house.  Most of my family will visit for Thanksgiving so it will be plenty of running around, family events, and getting the house ready. *if you are wondering, the book is a [photo album like this][1] with full pages so the size of picture or memento doesn't matter. I also like that it is 3 ring so adding pages or rearranging them is easy. ** until I figure out adding pictures to this platform you can see a few at my standard [wordpress blog][2]. [1]: https://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-Photo-Albums-Magnetic-Self-Stick/dp/B003WSWFBY/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1541091610&sr=8-5&keywords=full%20page%20photo%20album [2]: https://wordpress.com/post/katystuff.wordpress.com/22026

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