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Published on: Nov. 6, 2018, 1:01 a.m.

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Election Night Jitters….

Tonight driving it hit me, tomorrow is election day. Tomorrow. I’m excited and nervous and ready for it to be decided. Tomorrow is also my anniversary. Why didn’t I think about future election days when I was picking a wedding date? I thought about flowers, the weather, the time of sunset, cars, travel, even made sure we had unscented candles. I live in hunting country now and I sympathize with all who have deer opener (this next 2 weekends) anniversaries or birthdays – it is just hard to be excited about two things at once! I want to say I got married in an off-election year but no, I looked it up and it was when Bush won over Kerry. I’m pretty sure I voted? My blog started in Dec 2004 so no way to know for sure. Keeping busy is always the best thing for me so today in addition to having the kids home and going to work out and swim for 2 hours, I finished getting the laundry room completely squared away. That might sound silly to all of you but our laundry room is actually oddly large and has 2 upper cabinets, 2 lower cabinets, and 2 big drawers. I added to the storage with 2 ikea all wood shelves that I put a drying rack between for the delicates. It took a while to figure out what all would go in the room and in the end, it is where I’m putting a bunch of craft and wrapping and the ‘junk drawer’ stuff like batteries and light bulbs. I also got a good swimwear center going so all the suits, towels, and bags have a place to go away close to where they get dry. Life will really be better now that those things have a place. While I’ve been doing this project, and its predecessor of emptying the front room of all boxes where about 75% of what was in the boxes ended up in the laundry/craft room, I watched West Wing where they are focused on the election at the end of the series. I know how it ends but watching the campaign as I’m campaigning was actually pretty cool. If I ever run for something national I want the writers from that show writing my speeches. I’m saving the last episode about election day for tomorrow. So now I go back to the project list and keep busy for about 30 more houses and then I’ll know if the Levy passed, if my town got a new crew in local seats, if my former town got the right women elected, and if I have a new job for 4 years. Cross your fingers for all of the above, please!

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