About us:

Welcome to UpVoteNation, the next evolution of social network!

What are we and what is our goal?

We are a peer to peer network where you can share your ideas and content, get rewarded by it (yes, we mean with cash!) and build a true interactive network! We want to start by redefining the meaning of community by building a platform that not only gives members a voice and a way to connect, but also allows them to benefit from UpVotenation’s success as an integral part of the UpVotenation’s team.

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This is how we plan to do it:

Most social networks are an application that lets you upload content, or look for content upload by other members. They allow you to connect to your friends and people you have common interests with and in that manner create a social network around content and ideas. This is great and no small feat, and because of it today we have many different social networks connecting millions of people all around the globe. But we think this is just the beginning and it could be much better.

The first thing we want to do to make social networks even better is to expand the meaning of community beyond just your close friends and the people you have common interests with. Off course you still get that with UpVoteNation, but we want you to experience everything that the community has to offer, so you can find new interests, discover new and interesting people, and be integrated into the broader community discussions.

Our main page and the “news”, “blogs” and “videos” pages attempt to do just that. What you get on those pages is the hottest topics and news based on the community vote. You can see what everyone is talking about and be part of the buzz before even searching for anything. All information is ranked based on member interactions such as views, likes, and comments on particular topics. What you get are the topics that the community has voted as the most relevant, giving you a real-time snapshot on the thoughts likes and interests on who we are as a community and bringing you into the debate. That’s a whole new level of social interaction!

There is no left-wing or right-wing news crafting the news available for you to consume, but an open platform where news from around the globe are filtered and made available based on a general consensus of relevancy from members of the community and the power of many!

Now we are starting to talk about a real integrated community where you can move between your circle of friends and interests and engage with the broader global community with ease. But after we have established the community what else can we do to let community members take advantage of the power of many we just created? Said differently, how can we drive benefits from a social network not just as individuals having access to information and different topics, but truly as a community?

This is what we want to accomplish in the second phase of UpVoteNation. We want to create a platform where we can interact with the outside world as a group and with that create more leverage and more opportunities. We have a number of concepts that we are working on to leverage the power of many and we will be releasing the ideas to you as the concepts are formalized and ready to go. In the meantime, if you have any ideas and suggestions we would love to hear from you! E-mail us at ideas@upvotenation.io

There will be many instances where we can come together as a community to get individual benefits. We currently have these larger social network communities, but we still do very little to leverage that power into real, tangible benefits for the community members and we want to change that. What else can we do to benefit the community members? And by community members, we are now thinking about our entire ecosystem made up of our members, employees, Investors, suppliers, etc? What we are doing, in this case, is taking a fresh look at how corporations work and attempting to enhance it by what we call productivism and efficient resource distribution. What we are trying to do is to optimize the allocation of resources between our members, employees, investors and creators/entrepreneurs to create the highest level of engagement and synergies between the groups and translate that into an efficient and self-sustaining model.

The first step is to reward our community members, not only by creating mechanisms to leverage the power of the community into tangible gains as explained above but rewarding the members for forming and maintaining the community in the first place. Social networks mean nothing without the members and community interactions. You generate the ideas and the content that makes it possible and we want to recognize that by paying a percentage of UpVoteNation’s revenue back to our members (see: “how it works” for more details). Your voice matters, and your time matters too. If UpVoteNation is going to generate profits, it’s only fair that we share that with the people who made it possible. That’s a very important change we want to bring to the social network community.

The second step is to attract and retain the best talent that can translate our vision of a community into reality. We want to attract people with an entrepreneurial spirit and create a reward system that incentivizes the team to be as productive as possible. We do that by stepping away from the common corporate structure, which is froth with red tape, it’s time-consuming, subjective and political. (If you ever worked a corporate job you know what I am talking about!). and create a structure where the employees can drive innovation and have a fair, direct and objective participation in the outcome.

The goal is to fairly distribute income between our content creators (you), the people building UpVoteNation (employees) and the investors (Capital). By the way, if you’re looking for a job, you had us at hello! If we convinced you to join, apply for a job here, we are in desperate need of good talented people!

At the end we want our community members to have the best possible experience and benefit from our expanded concept of community, We want our member to be the driven force behind our innovation and be an integral part of the team, we want our team members to be engaged, productive and connected, and our investors to be rewarded for their risk. We want to leverage the power of community made possible by the internet and use that power to create a better world for all of us. If you believe in these concepts, please join and helps us lead this revolution!

We hope to see you on UpVoteNation!